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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Why Surgical Weight Loss?

For most patients, the most compelling reason to have weight loss surgery is their health. Obesity is related to many conditions that affect your health, well-being, and, ultimately, your life expectancy. Surgical weight loss is not a procedure to take lightly, but for those who have not had success with medical weight loss programs, it can literally be a lifesaver.

Consider some of the conditions that affect the health and life of people diagnosed with obesity:

  • High Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Disease. When you are obese, your heart must work harder. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, athrosclerosis , stroke –these are just a few of the conditions that studies have shown are related to obesity.
  • Type 2 Diabetes. This is a condition that is more common in people who are obese. High blood sugar levels can affect many of the organs in the body, leading to poor health.
  • Arthritis. Being overweight can place addition stress on the joints, particularly your hips and knees.
  • Sleep Apnea. Added fat in your neck and chest can affect your ability to sleep well at night.
  • Reflux/Heartburn. Acid back-up from the stomach can also affect your ability to sleep well at night and can create discomfort during the day.
  • Depression. This can result not just from dealing with health issues or lack of sleep but from the feelings that develop when obese people experience failure with diet programs and face the remarks of family and friends about their weight.

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